Qualifications and Requirements for Agencies
Nominated to be Considered as a Beneficiary of Kappa Tablescapes

Your agency has been nominated by a Dallas Alumnae Association of Kappa Kappa Gamma member to become a beneficiary of Kappa Tablescapes. Kindly review the Agency Qualifications and Requirements before completing the Application for Funding to ensure you meet the criteria. We sincerely thank you for your interest in becoming a Tablescapes beneficiary and applaud the work you do for our community! The completed application and supporting documents must be submitted by the deadline, as communicated by the Philanthropy Chair

Qualifications and Requirements

Each nominated agency is required to meet the following qualifications:
The agency:

  • May not have received funding from Kappa Tablescapes during the preceding two years;
  • Must be in operation with a 501(c)(3) non-profit status for two full years; and
  • Must serve constituents/citizens/organizations in Dallas County.

In addition, the agency must provide ALL of the following required documentation:

  • Copy of 501(c)(3) letter;
  • Copy of most recent audit;
  • Copy of most recent Form 990, as submitted to the IRS, coincident with most recent audit;
  • Financial statement for current year including, YTD income statement, balance sheet, and performance to budget as of August 30; and
  • Overall budget for the project for which funds are being requested; and a detailed budget for the requested funds.
  • List of most recently received grants;
  • List of key staff personnel and Board of Directors;
  • Copy of financial statements for the current year and the two previous years, including most current Balance Sheet, YTD;
  • Overall budget for the project for which funds are being requested;
  • Detailed budget for the requested funds; and
  • IRS letter showing Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Our Philanthropy Financial Review Committee will conduct a financial review of each nominated agency to ensure the agency has met all the required criteria. Agencies meeting the criteria will be assigned a Philanthropy Committee Researcher to conduct an on-site visit.

The Dallas Alumnae Association of Kappa Kappa Gamma and its Foundation, through the generosity of its members, friends, and corporate community, expects to fully fund the requests made by the selected beneficiaries. Should our net proceeds be less than expected, we will fulfill the requests of each beneficiary in proportion to the amount requested.

Dallas Alumnae Association of Kappa Kappa Gamma - Agency Application for Funding Form

If you have any questions, please contact the Philanthropy Chair