Online Reference System

Kappa Kappa Gamma uses an online system exclusively for submitting References for Potential New Members (PNM).

Kappa references for women going through recruitment are submitted online at Once completed, the reference is delivered  electronically.  Within 24-48 hours after submission, an email confirmation is sent to you and the chapter Membership Chairman with notification of the submitted reference. If circumstances prevent you from submitting a reference through this system, you may send a personal letter or form. There is no need to send additional materials to the chapter.



Go to   Login is required!
Your login is likely different on the national fraternity website than on our Dallas website. If you have never logged in to the national fraternity website, you will need to Create an Account (link at Sign In). Help is available on the national site if you have forgotten your password or need help logging in.

Tips for submitting the online reference:

  • Please read the instructions page before you begin to fill out the online reference form.
  • Note that it is important to download or scan a copy of only ONE picture to attach to the first page of the reference.
  • Do not submit your reference until you are completed. You may easily save and come back at any time prior to submitting. When submitted, your reference is sent to the corresponding chapter.
  • After submitting, you will receive an email confirmation within 24-48 hours that states the following: "Thank you for your reference for (PNM name).  Your reference has been received from (University/College Name) and we're looking forward to meeting her."
    Please do not send any additional materials* to the chapter. This is all they need! (*This includes test scores, transcripts, resumes, letters of support, posters, flyers, food, etc.)
  • All that is necessary is your endorsement and one picture using the online reference.
  • All chapters expect and prefer references submitted online.
  • This is a standard process developed by KKG National Headquarters.
  • Ask the PNM to submit her information packet to you electronically.  This makes attaching a picture much easier for you. The PNM will not have to create multiple packets, or hunt down letter of support writers since letters of support are not necessary to pledge Kappa Kappa Gamma. Only a reference is required.

This process is streamlined, simplified, and uniform!



Active Chapters

Use the Chapter Locator at our national fraternity website to search for active Kappa chapters. Chapter Locator (opens a new window)