Our Association

Members of our Association gather throughout the school year based on scheduling and interests: Association Group meetings, Night Owls Group (under 35), Pop-Up Events, Book Club, Kappa Koffee (over 65), and more!

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Association Meetings

The Association meetings include a diverse group of women in age and interest. Meetings are held generally monthly during the school year, typically on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Meetings include a light meal and an interesting, entertaining, or fun program with lively conversation. We would love to see you at any of our gatherings!

Kappa Dallas Association Programs 2022-2023 (2022-2023 DAA KKG Meetings 9.11.22)


In addition to Association meetings, the Dallas Kappa alumnae group also features a variety of other special interest groups. Our Night Owls group is designed for Kappa alumnae under 35, while our Kappa Koffee group is especially for Kappas over 65 years old. We have pop-up events at different intervals featuring small group meetings on topical themes or excursions to local cultural events. We also offer a Book Club for our members who love to read.

Our members also volunteer at Tablescapes, participate in Founders' Day with the other Dallas Alumnae Association Groups, and contribute each December to support a deserving Rose McGill Holiday Sharing Kappa.

For any of these groups or gatherings, you may count on Kappa fellowship and usually, food for the mind, body, and soul; beverages to quench your thirst; and an outstanding program at beautiful meeting locations.

Kappa Special Interest Programs 2022-2023 (calendar to come)